Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth June 2014 - 07.01.14

The UIC College of Dentistry believes that we need to educate a dentist who is fundamentally different in professional capabilities from his/her predecessors. We believe this because the world is changing rapidly. Illinoisans today are dramatically more culturally diverse than ever before. And, there is a groundswell of growing public opinion that Illinois dentists must redress the disparities in oral healthcare access that exist in Illinois and across the United States. # Dental practice is also changing rapidly. As our society is aging dramatically, our patients are older and sicker, living with chronic systemic health problems and subsisting on complex polypharmaceutical regimes. Dental practice has become more "business-like" than ever before, creating almost daily professional ethical dilemmas for dentists. A computerized dental practice office is now routine, and the computer will continue to revolutionize dental practice in the future (e.g. digital radiography, artificial intelligence-based decision-making, CAD/CAM prosthodontic restoration fabrication, etc.) Human genomics knowledge discovery will lead to heretofore-unimaginable innovations in diagnosis and therapy (e.g. salivary diagnostics for systemic diseases; biomimetics; genetically engineered oral tissue replacement, etc.)

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